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Thread: college football needs a playoff

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    Default Re: college football needs a playoff

    Quote Originally Posted by oasis4life2002 View Post
    This is exactly why I made this thread!!! Idk how TX a team that beat OU head to head is not in the Big 12 Championship game!!! Now Mizzou has to beat OU in that title game for TX to have a chance. It's FUCKED UP!!
    I agree, I think it's fucked up that they are giving Oklahoma the spot because they have 4 straight games scoring 60+ points, I understand that they are a "hot" team but for fuck's sake the Longhorns beat them on a neutral field fair and square. I hope Mizzou beats them, I really do.

    Also, fuck Oregon State for losing, I really wanted to see USC play a non Big Ten team for once, at this point I don't think USC gives a shit about being considered a Pac 10 champion.
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    And I have a dick for you to eat if youre hungry still.

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    Default Re: college football needs a playoff

    Quote Originally Posted by kitt kat View Post
    HAHAHA. If we even got the CHANCE to play Utah, I'd feel sorry for you all. There is no way these podunk mountain league schools would stand a chance against the Pac 10. (Well, not ALL the Pac 10. It's been off this year. But USC, OSU, Oregon, ASU, and maybe Stanford would give you a run for your money.)

    Anyway, we'll win the Pac 10, but I don't even think we'll make bowl this year. This was supposed to be our year....But Sanchez is a fucking moron.
    um..the mountain west went 6-1 against the PAC-10 this year. Utah beat OSU, UNLV beat ASU and New Mexico beat Arizona. USC got lucky Jacquizz (sp?) Rodgers was injured yesterday, even though OSU's defense pretty much just fucking fell apart.

    Also, as far as oklahoma being ranked over Texas. I was listening to The Herd with Colin Cowherd and he was talking about how he would vote in the polls. He said he wouldn't look at how a team wins, but how they lose. OU was out of the texas game halfway through the 3rd quarter. Texas lost on the final play of a hard fought game against texas tech. Therefore he thought Texas should be ranked higher than OU. I agree with him.

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