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Thread: Whats the big deal about MR Oizo?

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    Default Whats the big deal about MR Oizo?

    everyone gives ed banger a bunch of shit. but everyones down with Oizo. Hes glitchy and lame. im down if they add him though, see what the big hype is. There are no cool songs on his myspace, please hook up some cool youtube vids or something, if decent ones exist? but can anyone decribe to me what sets him apart from the rest of the crew and why hes a good producer?
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    Default Re: Whats the big deal about MR Oizo?


    put down the fucking adderall.

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    Default Re: Whats the big deal about MR Oizo?

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    Default Re: Whats the big deal about MR Oizo?

    Quote Originally Posted by invisiblerobots View Post
    Beat me to it. Apparently much like the rest of the Ed Banger artists he's a terrible DJ, though, so I could live without him at Coachella.

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    Default Re: Whats the big deal about MR Oizo?

    Flat Beat is pretty much the song that got me into electronic music. I know many others with the same story. That is why Mr. Oizo is a big deal.
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    Default Re: Whats the big deal about MR Oizo?

    I liked that monkey when it was in The Office too...

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    jesus christ, i leave the board for an hour to find the disneyland thread and there's all these fry threads. wtf?!

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    Default Re: Whats the big deal about MR Oizo?

    i respect the guy but his music is not something i would go crazy for. the only thing worth owning from him is analog worms attack, in my opinion. it has the perfect compression. i don't like his later works that much though. well some tracks are really well produced but nothing impressive.

    then again, i haven't seen him live yet, so i'd check him out if he is at coachella.
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