Internet buzz leads to Coachella predictions

Matt Wolfe • The Desert Sun • October 31, 2008

With less than six months before the desert fill with hipsters, partygoers, and some of the best music on the planet, blogs and even newspapers around the world are trying to figure out what the promoters have up their sleeve for the tenth installment of the desert fiesta.

Next year, April 17, 18, & 19, tens of thousands of people will migrate to the Empire Polo Grounds in Indio for a weekend-long music festival. Each year, the organizers behind the event, Goldenvoice, pool together an eclectic mix of artists ranging from mainstream pop acts to very underground alternative groups. While the lineup normally steers awat from traditional pop music, the past two years have featured Madonna and Prince, respectively.

Needless to say, the anticipation over who will hit the five stages forces some people to begin rumors of who will be performing.

Just last week, British news magazine 'The Sun' reported that The Smiths were likely candidates for the headlining spot (Read the full story).

Of course, their article contains all the makings of a Coachella rumor story. Band insider? Check. Group which swore they'd never reunite? Check. Ludicrous amount of money being offered? Check.

This seems a bit premature, though. Generally, the lineups really don't start taking shape until the year of the festival. Even the big rumors aren't normally until much closer to the festival. A story from the LA Times, which speculated that Prince would be added to the 2008 lineup didn't go out until March 18th, barely a month before the gates opened (Read the full story).

Now, just like last year, and the year before, fake lineup posters are popping up on the internet, inlcuding this one that was found on MySpace:

Who is really behind these things? Do they really think that people believe all of this? Is it some kind of conspiracy?

While there is a strong chance that ten, maybe fifteen, of these artists will be performing at the festival, the fact remains that we likely won't know much about the lineup until early 2009. That's just the way it goes.