They told us to vote in the upcoming election.

Basically, they all did a gig in a big park on my campus. It was for this "Rock the Vote" tour that they are all doing to inform people about voting. It all started around 1:30 in the afternoon.

Now I really don't much interest in any artist mentioned except the Beastie Boys. But this was a free show, and it is always cool to see huge artists in such an open and relaxed setting.

They were introduced by surprise guest Santogold, who made herself look like a complete idiot:

Santogold: "You can register to vote and to have a voice in this election!"

A few people in crowd: "But, it's too late to register for this one..."

Santogold: "Oh yeah haha. Well then you can vote in next year's election!"

Crowd: "but the next election is in 4 years..."

Santogold: "Oh yeah haha well then you can vote in that one!"

So yeah, that was exciting. First up was Sheryl Crow, who played two songs. I don't know the name of the first one, but the 2nd one was "Everyday is a winding road" - we all know the tune. It basically bore everyone, all of whom were there mostly for Jack Johnson and the Beasties.

After she went off, the Beastie Boys came onstage and, instead of playing songs, just tell people how important it is to vote. Adam mentioned that he was voting for Obama, which drew alot of cheers from the audience, but when they said "and next up is Jack Johnson everyone, enjoy!" without playing any songs, we were very disappointed. The BBs introducing Jack Johnson? Shouldn't it be the other way around? This discussion seems very familiar, I wonder why!

So Jack Johnson came on and played 2 songs. They were ok. Too cheesy and a bit cliche for my liking - they both sounded the same. The crowd loved him though. After he went off, a couple of local bands came on next, and the crowd pretty much dispersed.

Not bad I guess for something free, but i'm pissed that the Beasties didn't play a song or two. That would have been cool. But they're all doing a gig tonight (probably finished by now) at the Richmond Coliseum.

Here are some pics:

Everything getting set up

The crowd. not a bad size.

Sheryl Crow

Beastie Boys telling us to vote:

Jack Johnson: