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    Default The Record Shop

    I just picked up a few albums from the record shop. I ended up getting the following albums:

    The CRAMPS – Bad music for bad people
    The CRAMPS – Songs The Lord Taught Us/File Under Sacred Music
    Television - Marquee Moon
    The Cure – The Head On The Door

    Holy shit! I am so glad I got this Television album. There was only one album in their slot and I just had to have it.

    Do you know these albums? What other albums have you been picking up from the record shop (that aren't necessarily new)? Do you buy wax? What do you play your music on? I thought we could talk about that kind of stuff in here.

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    Default Re: The Record Shop

    Yo, there is a thread about this. It's in Music Lounge somewhere. Official CD/LP purchases thread. You might want to move conversation over there.

    Nice purchases though.

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    Default Re: The Record Shop

    I like the title of this thread better, something about it feels right.

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