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Thread: Palm Springs Airport?!

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    Default Palm Springs Airport?!

    I was wondering if anyone is flying into palm springs airport on April 27th? Reason I ask is because unfortunately I am only 20 years old and not able to rent a car -.- and I wanted to hitch a ride over to empire polo field = ).

    OR does anyone have an alternative solution to my problem...all feedback welcomed.. thanks!

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    Try posting this in the carpool section of the board.

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    good idea!

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    Sunbus, really easy. From the airport its line 24, that will take you to the 111. Take 111 South for a really long time, on a bus, Id say about an hour or less. You will go through the business districts of all the town. If you watch the cars and their drivers you can easily know when to get off the bus. First 10 minutes will be alot of male drivers with a male pasenger, top down on the FABULOUS, chrysler sebring. Their clothes will match in the like of short shorts and matching shirts. Sunglasses Optional. Thats Palm Springs. Then you go through Rancho Mirage and you know you are their when an old lady swerves into the bus, the bus driver does notice the tap, becuase she is driving 10 mph and not able sway the bus in its inertia. Once you pass about 10 Jags, a Benlty and a Rolls Royce, and probably a Lambo a Porchse and a Masarati. All the fancy cars abruptly stop at a place called The River, its a quaint outdoor mall with fancy resurants, a movie theatre, and your other upper middle class delights. Enough rambling your now in Palm Desert and the cars get a little more middle class. You may notice the roaring exhaust of a lifted Chevy or Ford truck driven by a 16-25 yr old male. Chances are he will have a hat on with a flat bill and definately will have on the most BRO shades he could find at the No Fear store at the Westfield shopping center, which you are probably just passing now.

    THEN BAM!!!!! MOTHA F-IN BAM!!!! A Traffic jam of fifty mexicans with late model cars. You might think you are close to Indio but not yet, You still gotta finish through Palm Desert, then Indian Wells, you know this place because the old people return with fancy cars, and the Sidewalk are like WIDE as f(_)( k. Like damn and its all nicely gardened by mexicans, all the time, its amazing. You get to La Quinta and now your almost to Indio. The Punk ass kids with Lifted trucks are back, slamming into the mexicans, and the old people are driving slow cuasing traffic trams. Still when you look around you the landscape is modern and nice, and basically you will see BIG ASS STORE AFTER BIG ASS STORE with a car dealer a fast food and maybe most likely some sort of road construction or building construction. Then COSTCO!!!! THE GREAT AND MIGHTY!!!


    This is the border betweeen La Quinta and Indio. DONT GO INTO INDIO. Basically its mexico. Not in a bad way except for the shitty roads and traffic. The next street ahead of you will be Jefferson, and you will know because there will be a huge traffice jam on the way to the fest.

    HITCH A RIDE, its easy, there is a Mobil station on the corner of Jefferson and 111, its not hard, lots of people are on drugs and will feel sympathy for you for having to take the bus.

    They will take you to the fest, and hopefully not rape you.

    Or unless you are arriving at night and then that whole plan wouldnt work.

    Sucks for you.

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