My girlfriend, fiancée now, and I have being seeing each other almost 3 and half years now. I decided a few months ago that I wanted to propose to her. But because she is such a special girl, I decided she needed a very special proposal and I would wait for that oportunity. Towards the end of July I found out Gogol Bordello were coming to Vancouver, and I knew that was my opportunity. We both love Gogol Bordello and ridiculous amount, we both love music and concerts in general a ridiculous amount and we both love each other a ridiculous amount. So, I figured putting it all together would be the most perfect way to make a special proposal.

So I first e-mailed someone from SideOneDummy Records (Gogol Bordello's record label) and asked him if he could help out in any way. He gave me the name and e-mail address of the Gogol's daily contact. I e-mailed her twice, and heard nothing back. The guy from SideOneDummy said he would send some e-mails around and try to help out. I then go out a research all of Gogol's other contacts, and e-mail them all... and hear nothing. At the beginning of September the guy from SideOneDummy said he wished he could help more, but he had done all he could. Which I was alright with, he went out of his way to help me, so I appreciate that. However, I decided I wasn't going to give up. I made the decision to come down to the venue early in the day, the day of the show, and wait to talk to Eugene.

Also, in the meantime, I asked Becky's, my fiancée, dad. She respects her parents, especially her dad, a great deal so I knew this was something I would have to do. Her dad said “Yes, of course” and he gave me a little fatherly wisdom. We then told her mom and she gave me a great big hug. I then told my parents, my dad gave me a hug and my mom started crying and gave me a hug. It was a great feeling that the entire family wanted this to happen.

Anyways, so yesterday Paul (Paulb, the only other person besides our families to know) came down to Vancouver early in the morning. We were planning on seeing Filth and Wisdom, a movie staring Eugene Hutz and directed by Madonna, because we thought Eugene might be there. Well before the movie, I decided to take a look around see if I could see them. A couple streets down their tour bus was there, and the accordion player, Yuri, and bassist, Thomas, were there having a cigarette. I asked them about my "favour" and they said that they had heard all about me. They said they would put in a good word for me too. They also didn't know Filth and Wisdom was even playing, and they said if Eugene woke up before the movie, they would tell him. Well, we saw the movie, which was really, really good. I enjoyed even more than I thought I would. However, no sign of Eugene.

So after a couple hours of waiting infront of the venue, I take another look around and see Sergey, the violin player, and the accordion player again. So I talked to them and Sergey tells me that, first off Eugene is still sleeping, and second, he is totally alright with it and thinks it very cool of me, BUT the final word is up to Eugene. So I decide to wait around longer to talk to Eugene myself.

At around 4:30ish, Paul and I are still standing in front of the venue... then Paul spots Eugene go into a the Crepe Cafe next door. This was my chance. I tell him my story, and he said "Oh yeah, yeah, I have heard all about you. It's totally cool man." I couldn't believe it. I was actually expecting him to say no. So we talk a little bit, and we organize I was going to ask her after they play "60 Revolutions" and before they play "American Wedding." He then figured I will need a backstage pass, so he brings me, and Paul too, into the venue with him. We then just chill in the venue until around 6:30, when they kick us out. We still got to see them soundcheck some jams and "Mishto!" so that was pretty awesome. Now it was just a matter of time.

Becky got there around 7:30 and doors opened at 8. After we got into the venue, she was talking about how she might want to just go to the back halfway through the set, and I had to, without being obvious, convince her not to do that. Actually, I had A LOT of convincing to do. She almost didn't even come to the show! She had work that night and couldn't get it off, so, again without being obvious, I had to convince her to come to the show. She said OK, and called in sick. Thank God. Anyways, the band started just after 10:30 and were great. The band was onfire and the crowd was pretty great. Then, I heard "Tribal Connection," which was my cue to leave. So I told her I had to go to the bathroom and left her on the barricade, along with a bunch of my other friends.

I went backstage as soon as "60 Revolutions began" and Paulo, the stage manager, met me back there. We talked a bit while they were playing, and then the song stopped. Eugene then said that he had a special guest in Vancouver, who "is burning with Passion" and then something about him wanting the say something to a special lady. I then walk on stage and walk straight towards Becky... who is dumbfounded. All my friends there start screaming "GO JOSH!" and help her get over the barricade. I bring her on stage, grab the mic and go down on one knee. The crowd erupted in cheers. I could barely hear myself think. Before I said anything she learned over and kissed me, but I got her to stand back up. I had a little speech prepared, but the moment I forget someone of it, but I still think it was pretty sweet. It was something along the lines of:
"Becky, Rebekah Joy Makepeace, we have been seeing each for the last three and half years, and I love you. I can't imagine my life without you, and I don't want to either. You are the only person I want to spend the rest of my life with and the only person who can truly make me happy. So, what I am asking, *reaches into pocket and pull out box* Becky, *opens box* will you marry me?"
She nodded her head, put on the ring and the crowd went nuts. It was surreal. I then got off me knee and we kissed. While we were kissing, I swooped her down. I thought it was pretty classy myself. After that Eugene gave us both big hugs, and we had some champagne. He asked if either of us had ever been to a Canadian Wedding, and we both laughed and shrugged out shoulders. We then left the stage, and watched the show from the side until almost the end. Between songs, the band members came and gave us hugs too.

When they started playing Mala Vida, a Mano Negra cover, which is one of Becky's favorites, we left down to go back to floor. The second I walked about the door this guy says to me "I have been looking for you for the last 20 minutes! I got the entire proposal on video! Do you want it?" Of course we said, and he got out phone number, and he is going to call sometime today about sending it to me. THAT is why I love Gogol Bordello and the crowd they bring in. The nicest fucking people on the planet. After that, every step I took, guys were shaking my hand and giving Becky a hug. Everyone thought it was really awesome. It was like that for the rest of the night. People just kept comming up to us and congratulating us. It was really awesome.

After the show, I met up with all my friends upstairs and there were hugs all around. One of my best friends, who was upstairs the whole night, as soon as he saw me, ran up to me and gave me a jumping hug. It was pretty funny. But yeah, it was incredible.

After talking for a bit, before we left, Becky and I figured we would give our thanks one last time to the band. So we went upstairs, and everyone was really happy to see us. Eugene wasn't there, but the rest of the band was. Sergey even gave Becky a little advice. They seriously are the coolest fucking band on the planet.

All in all, it was unreal. Just thinking about it now, I can't believe this happened. This was the most amazing experience of my life. Like, I just got engaged on stage with one of my favorite bands, to the most amazing, wonderful, kind, sweet, caring, lovely, gorgeous, beautiful, and not to mention coolest fucking girl, in the entire world. I... I am almost at a loss for words. She is amazing. Gogol Bordello are amazing. The crowd was amazing. Seriously. I am happy right now. Very happy.