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Thread: Camping organization/sections?

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    Default Camping organization/sections?

    Just saw a picture on the main site and it looks like there are lines painted for each tent. Looks more organized and clean than Bonnaroo. Anyone been to both festivals? Is this so?

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    I can tell you last year we arrived Friday about 11am and by that time they had stopped designating areas to camp and told us to just set up wherever we coudl find room. We were skeptical but it ended up being a blessing in disguise as we were set up fairly close to the entrances and almost right in front so we ddint' have to wander around with flashlights looking all over the place for some spraypainted number or spot or something. I think it starts out very organized and then near the end they just let you fend for yourself and camp wherever you want. I will say it's pretty organized and clean. Again I can't praise how organized and clean the showers are either. I wont' stand in line with the cattle in the morning to bath but it's nice to hit them midday if you don't go right into the festival when gates open or at night just before the headliners end or middle of the night i'm guessing they are fairly empty.

    I've never been to the other fest but Coachealla is clean and convenient.

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