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i've worked for a for-profit university for 6 years and i attend one of their subsidiaries. my dad worked for arizona state part-time as a janitor for 10 years and recently retired. he only took the job for tuition, and now that he's "vested", he gets life-long tuition benefits. not too shabby. not to mention it would open the door to other extra-curricular or research opportunities. and help with the whole networking thing.

the tuition benefit thing is great if you take advantage, though you have to realize your pay might be less than it would in other companies. also, since universities offer free tuition, you're generally competing against people with multiple degrees for jobs, so be sure to showcase what you can bring to the table besides a degree.

it's the way to go though if you really want to go to school, IMO. unless you get a bunch of grants or scholarships, who really wants to pay back a bunch of loans for school? especially if you're going into an arts related field.
Ooh vested. Now that sounds like a good deal. I guess I could apply for community college teaching gigs because I have a graduate degree, but I'm not a fan of the teaching, so maybe I'll look into university art gallery type positions instead. That could be good.

Have you taken classes while working full-time, Ivy? That seems like it would be a pretty big time commitment and potentially super stressful. Although probably worth it if it was free.