So I am coming from Providence Rhode Island, and I am camping out. So far it is just me... my one friend who wants to go is still 50/50 on the money. So basically I will be alone. When I saw Bjork and a Rage reunion were happening at the same festival, i think a part of my brain short circuited. I immediately bought my ticket, and now I hafta worry about actually getting there.

I will be on a rediculously tight budget, and would really love to get a ride from the airport (and hopefully back) so that I can still afford to hydrate and feed myself during the show.

Also like I said I will be by myself. I won't know a friggin soul at this place, and im a tad shy at first. So to make some friends before hand would be pretty awesome. I have my camp ground ticket so Im sure ill be fine, but still its nice to know atleast one person before hand. fyi