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Thread: EDC 2009 - 2 Days

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    Default Re: EDC 2009 - 2 Days

    I must've told myself a dozen times, "That's why it's not at UCLA or Stanford, good ol USC."

    God bless you, KK.

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    Default Re: EDC 2009 - 2 Days

    Quote Originally Posted by boarderwoozel3 View Post
    Aaaaahhhhhhhhhh! That's the vibe I get! At this point you can rest assured you're going to have a ridiculous time at EDC almost regardless of who is playing.

    But being held in a Pac-10 foe's stadium is a bit unnerving. I'll have to pee in inappropriate places to make a point. Le lulz.
    After the first day you get used to it. The USC band is actually really fucking cool. On saturday I got a few of the perucussionists stoned while they were just hanging out after parading around the grounds.
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