..so the possibility of a DJ Shadow/Zack de la Rocha performance got me thinking......what if Coachella added a sort of loosely organized DJ/MC open mic showcase? It could be an annual performance hosted on a particular night.

I thought Z-Trip's shows have been a good template. In 2004, he brought out Busdriver and Chester Bennington. (And I think in 2002 he had Beck, right?). So the showcase could be more of this between a few DJs (Shadow, Pam the Funkstress, Mike Relm) and a long list of MCs (el P, Black Thought, Ghostface) and singers(Peaches, Bjork, Stephen Marley, Perry Farrell)....mostly perfomers on the offical schedule, but also suprise appearances by Coachella regulars (Sage Francis, Saul Williams, Mos Def).

GV could anchor it around a single DJ (Coachella Collaboration 2007 - hosted by DJ Shadow)...and make it a showcase that is wholly unique to Coachella from year to year. Now that the festival is a 3 day affair, they should probably get more creative than just another day of regularly scheduled acts.

well...just a thought....