Okay, so I finally set up a new rating system on my site, located here:


Basically, I set up a 1 to 10 star rating system for all the different unique performances on my site, which you can vote and rate yourself (note, you're rating each PERFORMANCE, not rating each actual source listed)...so if Tool in 2006 was one of your favorite performances you've seen at Coachella, feel free to rank that 8 stars, or 9 stars, or 10 stars....I have it set up so it the page will average out all the different rankings for that particular performance and then display the average total ranking, so people can get an idea of what fans consider to be the best of the best when it comes to coachella performances (at least that is the idea here).

Some may think, well people can just keep voting and voting and skew the results...true....but I don't have the time or energy to create a user login system on the site and log one vote per user per performance...so if someone wants to be a loser like that and "cheat" by voting one performance 10 stars multiple times, then so be it (someone could "cheat" under a user system too, by just signing up new names and emails continuously).

Also, some may say well you don't have all the performances listed, only ones that just so happen to have a recording attached to it...true, but I'm working on that, by adding a "non-recorded" section to the site, so if someone wanted to view or rank the EITS set from 2007 (which doesn't have a known recording) they can.

Anyway, eventually, after enough votes have been placed across the whole site, I'll set up a page to display the top 25 or so ranked performances of all time (based on some sort of equation)....so if you read this, and have gone to coachella (which means almost all the users on here), then feel free to start placing your votes/ranks

If you come across any bugs, errors, or have suggestions, please just post here.