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Thread: Hey GV, no adds needed for me!

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    Default Hey GV, no adds needed for me!

    I loved the lineup when first announced and honestly the headliners are not my thing but everything else is. I have found more great bands that I can't wait to see now....more than worth the cost of my 3 day pass...thanks for the great lineup.
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    Default Re: Hey GV, no adds needed for me!

    WOOOO HOOOOOO!!!!!!!

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    Default Re: Hey GV, no adds needed for me!

    yep, i agree. there aren't really any additional artists that i need, except for rem, a tribe called quest, portishead, daft punk, the smashing pumpkins (featuring james iha and d'arcy wretzky), your mom, the police, the dandy warhols, hair police, boredoms, nirvana, the beatles, the allman brothers band, the cranberries, and my bloody valentine.

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