I wonder how long it will take for a drunk redneck to punch an 11 year old?
and why the hell does Hot Wheels make a radar gun?!

Landon Wilburn, 11, points his Hot Wheels brand radar gun to see how fast an oncoming SUV is driving on Taylorsville Road past the Stone Lakes subdivision in Louisville, Ky.

LOUISVILLE, Ky. - Landon Wilburn, 11, has a future as a cop a traffic cop.

The youngster, who used to shout at speeders to slow down as they drove through the Stone Lakes subdivision in Louisville, now has taken matters into his own hands.

Dressed in a reflective vest, wearing a bicycle helmet and armed with an orange Hot Wheels brand radar gun, he points and records the actual speed of passing traffic.

Landon also carries a flashlight with a built-in siren.

"When I saw it happening, I got the biggest kick out of it," said resident George Ayers, 61. "People were locking up their brakes when they saw him."

Many in the subdivision are frustrated that motorists tear through the neighborhood at 55 mph despite signs posting a 25 mph limit.

Officials said the city will install speed humps in the neighborhood if 70 percent of residents agree and are willing to put up half the money.