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Thread: Courtney Love

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    Default Re: Courtney Love

    You guys are bad...

    She's a very unique woman that people either love or hate...I don't really have a love or hate opinion of her...I saw her with out prejudice 2 years ago and she's rather empowering!!! I saw her from a new and unbiased perspective and would dig hearing her at coachella...

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    Default Re: Courtney Love

    Quote Originally Posted by i am towel View Post
    no need for hating. if you dont like her, go to a different stage.
    that said, she will not be appearing, thanks.
    none of her post-hole work has been worthwhile. it has been a series of calculated attempts at selling records.

    she is not a bad person, though i believe she has problems.

    but when it comes to pushing the boundaries of music, she simply doesn't do it anymore. so i dont think she should play coachella.
    well i appreciate your level headed, non mysogonistic, non "she did kirdt wrong" post.
    thank you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fober View Post
    barrio is actually Courtney Love's personal assistant.

    It's like being the person who finds cardboard boxes for the homeless crackhead down the corner.
    close but, actually im her tea maid.

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    Thumbs down Re: Courtney Love

    poor old courtney is too busy getting a new nose and suing former websites to play shows, put out records or even be human.

    her and her has been buddy, billy corgan both need to be stopped....they're both a pair of twats who are not relevant anymore.

    the 90's are over and no one cares about either of you, time to say good night.

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    Default Re: Courtney Love

    Is she talented or talented by association? I say the latter.
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    Default Re: Courtney Love

    Quote Originally Posted by i_like_cake530 View Post
    do u honestly believe that?
    yeah i belive she is sober. but courtney sober live isnt what is fun, courtney love drunk off her ass, high as a kite, talkin shit and stumbling around, thats the courtney i love, but it would be good to see her new stuff, its supposed to be good, plus she does put on a great show.

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    Default Re: Courtney Love

    i think there would be to much controversey for courtney love.

    its like bringing pete docherty, and placing a vat of heroin infront of him...bad news.

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    Default Re: Courtney Love

    Well, now the mid 1990s lineup of Hole got back together, maybe they will play Coachella 2013.

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    Default Re: Courtney Love

    my face when this is a troll fishing for flames. :|
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