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    Exclamation Some great deals oh

    sorry if this has been discussed

    So I finally signed up with Rhapsody. Last week if you signed up, you got a free credit worth 10 bucks, a full album. I downloaded the new AL Green album for free (fantastic by the way, ?uestlove produced it, sounds just like his old 70's shit.)

    I looked around a bit and some other web forums and found out they have ridiculously cheap box sets. Probably price mistakes, but they have been up for at least a week and a half.

    I just downloaded the full Led Zeppelin Box Set, every single catalog album of theirs, remastered Song Remains The Same, How THe west Was Won, BBC sessions. Fucking everything Zep released. 167 tracks I believe. All for $10

    Other $10 box sets include the massive The Doors set,

    Tori Amos (one with the piano keys on it. I was about to buy it since i heard so much about Tori, but couldn't get into any of the samples.)

    Robert Plant's solo albums box set

    That rarities and hits box set from the Smashing Pumpkins which i intend to buy.

    I'm sure theres others so please post them here if you find any other exceptional deals

    DRM free, great quality, works well on my mac and Ipod no problem.

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    Default Re: Some great deals oh

    I can get a way better deal for everything mentioned.
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    Default Re: Some great deals oh

    Just got that doors box set thanks for the heads up.

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    Default Re: Some great deals oh

    Have you ever heard of Demonoid or
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    Default Re: Some great deals oh

    It's still mp3 and not FLAC.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Donaldj View Post
    It's still mp3 and not FLAC.
    not going to happen.

    what bitrate are these mp3s, anyway?
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