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Thread: Scott Walker to Produce Live Tilt/Drift Shows

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    Default Scott Walker to Produce Live Tilt/Drift Shows

    Scott Walker, you tease. On November 13-15, London's Barbican will host a series of live performances of the works of the American songwriter/experimental music icon, with a particular emphasis on his more recent, more avant garde works Tilt and The Drift. Fittingly, the performance series is called Drifting and Tilting: The Songs of Scott Walker.

    Scott's band will be there, as will an orchestra and a number of vocalists. But despite producing the whole affair, the notoriously stage-shy Walker will not-- I repeat, will not-- be performing at the event.

    What, you're just gonna sit there and watch other people play your songs, Scott Walker? You badass.

    Thanks to Alex MacDonald for the heads up.

    ....I can taste his appearance at Coachella 2009....
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    Default Re: Scott Walker to Produce Live Tilt/Drift Shows

    I will kill someone to see Scott Walker. I hope he plays some real shows.

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    Default Re: Scott Walker to Produce Live Tilt/Drift Shows

    As long as you don't kill Scott Walker. That would kind of defeat the purpose.
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    well, for all intensive porpoises it is, will sell out within seconds tomorrow.
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