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Thread: Recommend a Tent for family car camping

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    Default Recommend a Tent for family car camping

    We are taking a US road trip in June that will have us spending about half the time camping out. The weather will likely include some nights down to the 30's and some rain, including a chance of heavy rains. I'm looking to buy a tent which will be able to comfortably accommodate 2 adults and 3 kids, that will keep us dry, stay up in wind gusts, and roomy enough that if we have to spend a few hours sheltering during a rain storm the kids will be able to stretch out. Ideally, we want two rooms, or a divider that can be used to make two rooms. Thanks in advance!


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    If you have the cash, can't recommend a Kodiak Canvas tent enough. I have the 10x14 deluxe and it will last for decades to come. Very good in the wind. One of the best parts is how easy it is to put it up. I have put it up by myself before.

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    I haven't used it, but this Coleman 6-person tent is $100 off right now on Amazon.

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    Thanks. I googled around and found this list of Car Camping Tents right here: Do you think these are good recommendations? I will also review that Coleman 6-Person tent, thanks for the amazon link, that $100 discount is something that might convince me.

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    We have a 24 yr old North Face 6 person tent. We camped with our kids a lot - it saw heavy use and still gets used even for just the two of us when we want something more roomy than our 2 person backpacking tent. It was very expensive even then, but it paid for itself many times over. I sent it back for a few minor repairs a few years ago, expecting to pay for repairs given the age of the tent, and they fixed it for free. Definitely one of the best outdoor gear investments we ever made.

    Whatever tent you choose, make sure you buy the footprint that goes with that particular tent (no matter the brand, they always sell them separately, so aggravating). And make sure you install the fly correctly, it should be taut and not ever touch the tent anywhere. Those two things are what's going to keep you dry. On a new tent, the seams should all be properly sealed, but if you're super paranoid, you can buy seam sealer and go over all the seams again anyway.
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