I saw STP at the Hollywood Bowl on Tuesday. Black Francis (aka Frank Black aka Pixies singer whose real name is Charles) opened but I missed him thanks to the ridiculous Hollywood traffic. It was a good show but I wished they would have played longer. They played for about an hour and a half which isn't too bad but I expected more than a measley 19 song setlist. They teased us with about 30 seconds of Day Tripper from the Beatles. Needless to say, I was pissed that they didn't play the whole song.


Big Empty(odd choice for an opener)
day tripper tease
Wicked Garden
Big Bang Baby
Silvergun Superman(fuck yeah)
Lounge Fly(probably the best song of the night)
Lady Picture Show
Sour Girl
blues jam
Interstate Love Song
Too Cool Queenie (rare)
Coma (very rare)
Sex Type Thing
Sin (second best song of the night)

trippy, spacey jam
Dead and Bloated
Trippin on a Hole

Overall I was happy that Scott was sober enough to sing and the band sounded really tight and together. I don't know if they will write another album though. I hope so, but Scott really needs to get his shit together.