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    Default pictures and stuff from Sasquatch 2008

    i went to Sasquatch for the first time a few weeks back. Nothing compares to Coachella, but Sasquatch is still pretty damn cool. Main attraction is the Gorge. i was hypnotized by it beauty and just loved sitting near the top of the slope and looking at it as the light changed. At one point i was talking to a "cool person" and they were complaining about the stage and how it had nothing going on "show wise". i pointed out the show was behind the stage. Her response was "oh yeah."

    i didn't take too many pictures because i was in vacation mode and hanging with a very excellent friend who would call me out when i was getting obsessive with the camera. 3 parts there will be for Days 1, 2 and 3. Here's part 1:

    On the Wookie Stage, Kathleen Edwards.

    The Roy Kay Trio

    Fleet Foxes

    They got windmills close by too.

    The first act i saw day one that elicited an "Ahhhh shit this is goood!" was Crudo. The clip above is a little of "Let's Go" that goes into some beatboxing done by the great Butterscotch.

    M.I.A. with a bunch of friends

    Grand Archives

    a couple of minutes of "Divine Hammer"

    The Breeders

    The rain got a little serious.

    above is almost 3 minutes of "The One I Love"


    Later tonight, i'm going to add a couple of incomplete clips of the Breeders and R.E.M. to this. Day 2 will happen after i get Part 2 up for Coachella Day 2.

    Of course if you liked that, past picture threads:

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    The Johnny Ramone tribute screening of "Too Tough to Die"
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