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Actually, I'm glad this little thread bumped back up. Husband and I are coming to our first Coachella, and after smoking a pack of Camel Lights a day for over 10 years, we both just quit about 6 weeks ago, just in fucking time. If there's anywhere I'd love to still smoke, it's Coachella.

I know, though, that I can't "just smoke at Coachella". No effin way. I don't even want to begin to think about starting this quit over again. Not even close to worth it. I'd so much rather smell good.

I find that list to be full of shit too. We both quit next-to-cold-turkey (I had three pieces of nicorette before I threw that nasty shit out), and it was much, much easier than we expected. So much so, in fact, that I've realized it's a damn shame that the conventional wisdom on quitting is that it's "SO hard". No, it's not. But if you tell people it's impossible, then it will be for them. If you want to quit, educate yourself on the facts of nicotine addiction. There is nothing you and your brain, and maybe a few days of nicotine replacement therapy, can't get through.

Just wanted to share. We'll be indulging in lots of other treats all weekend (ie: baked off our mothafuckin asses) but we'll be cigarette-free!! Woohoo!