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Thread: Coachella 1999 - Remember Me

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    Default Coachella 1999 - Remember Me

    My first year was 2006. I'd love for this to be a series of threads that compiles memories of each year. I never went to coachella 1999, and want to know all about it, from the bands to the weather to the camping to the food vendors, celebs that appeared and everything else.

    Those who attended Coachella 1999, share everything about it here.
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    Default Re: Coachella 1999 - Remember Me

    See my thread for "Random Coachella Facts and History" for some '99 info

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    Default Re: Hi, buddy, thanks for your article.

    Quote Originally Posted by Kaiyureboy View Post
    this article help me a lot, I am very aprreciated for it. thank you very much.
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    Reviewers who note the size of the crowd are dumb fucks.
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