haha, im such a nerd that i'm gonna change the order of my setlist...

1. Mighty O
2. Rosa Parks
3. Elevators (Me And You)
4. The Way You Move (w/ Sleepy Brown..but I think he's ill or something...)
5. She Lives In My Lap (w/Rosario Dawson )
7.Skew It On A BBQ
8. Ain't No Thang
9. Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik
10. Snappin' & Trappin' (w/ Killer Mike)
11. So Fresh So Clean (w/ Sleepy Brown)
12. Players Ball
13. International Players Anthem
14. Spottieottiedopaliscious
15. Git Up, Git Out (w/ Cee Lo)
16. Roses
17. Ms Jackson
18. The Whole World (w/killer mike)
19.Hey Ya
20. Bombs Over Baghdad

Ok, this is the ultimate setlist. Gasoline Dreams and "?" (the untitled track from Stankonia where Andre goes off over a fast beat) would be ok to replace a song here or there.

Though I won't set myself up for dissapointment. If they were at Coachella (or a solo show) I doubt my dream list would come close to what they do. Whatever, as long as Aquemini, International Players Anthem, Spottie.... and B.O.B. are on the set, I'll be happy!