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Thread: Create A Festival IV Polls Rules

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    Default Create A Festival IV Polls Rules

    This thread is here to remind everyone visiting how voting on matches is gonna work. Only people with 200 or more posts can vote...or say, will have their votes counted. If you don't have 200 posts and you vote, it WILL NOT COUNT, SO PLEASE DON'T WASTE YOUR/MY TIME DOING SO - THANK YOU.

    Votes are public, so we can see who voted for what...if any alias or suspected alias votes, it WILL NOT BE COUNTED, and any more votes from that person will be DQ'd for the rest of the contest.

    Depending on what round, voting will last a certain amount of days:

    Wild Card Round: 1 day
    Top 32: 2 days
    Sweet 16: 2 days
    Elite 8: 3 Days
    Final 4: 4 days
    Championship: 5 Days

    Set times come into play during the sweet 16.

    What do you vote based off of? The lineup. The location. The extra goodies, the ticket price (is it worth your money? - would you travel and PAY for this?). Take into account whatever you need...and vote wisely!

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    Default Re: Create A Festival IV Polls Rules

    The final 4. sounds so survivorish. I cant wait.
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