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Thread: Elton John for 2009

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    It seems to me that since 06 theyve just been making coachella bigger better and more spectacular. 2009 will be COACHELLA 10th Annaversiary Tell me that on sunday night main stage you wouldnt rock out to a full live stage performance of "Saturday Nights Alright For Fighting". This of course would just be one headliner that would spark the intrest of older and younger coachella peeps...I would die and go to Sparkling Shimmering Flamboyant music heaven!!! Whos with me ???????

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    If he didn't do anything made after the 70's, then it would be brilliant.
    If he did stuff made in the 80's and later, it would be cheesey as hell.
    Elton John is one of those guys, that when I hear his early stuff and newer stuff, I just think to myself "What the hell happened there?"
    But man, that early stuff is good.

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    I just saw Sir Elton at the Grove. He's terrific, a classic, and his voice & piano playing are still great. My only hesitancy is that his hair system might fly away if a big gust of wind hits the stage.
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    As long as he plays the song from The Lion King.

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