If bmack86 can do it, so can I.

Let me invite you good Coachella folks over to Y-Rock on XPN, modern/alt/indie rock radio programming from WXPN in Philadelphia. For those of you somewhat familiar with the history of alt-rock radio in the Philadelphia area, or for those who don't know where we're from & where we're at, here's a short refresher:

WDRE -> Y100 -> Y100Rocks.com -> Y-Rock on XPN

Y-Rock on XPN consists of three things:
1. A 24/7 commercial-free Internet radio feed -- DJs, giveaways, exclusive performances, the whole 9 -- available as one of the default radio feeds through iTunes (check the "Alt/Modern Rock" and "Public Radio" listings in the Radio section) and also playable through WMP.
2. A radio show Wednesday-Friday nights on 88.5 FM WXPN in Philadelphia, member-supported commercial-free public radio from the University of Pennsylvania (for you NPR fans, that's the origin of the syndicated "World Cafe" program).
3. The Y-Rock website, where you can find out about our DJs, schedules, events, news, reviews, playlists, and membership.

In particular, let me invite you to check out my Internet radio shift on Saturdays from 8pm-midnight EST. (That's 5-9pm Pacific; I trust the rest of the world can figure out timing from there.)

My first two hours feature our regular playlist; peeping it now I see Silversun Pickups, the Smiths, Gustavo Cerati, the Stooges, Editors, LCD Soundsystem, Hole, Good/Bad/Queen, A Perfect Circle and so forth. The second two hours are something I like to call "The Circuit," a curated collection of alternative and progressive beats and beeps -- Sahara tent stuff and beyond, New Wave and No Wave, remixes and mashups, new-indie and old-school rap, ambient and dub, trance and d'n'b, breakcore and IDM, turntablism and industrial, you get the picture.

Please check us out!

And yes, I take requests via email and AIM.

And yes, I have my 3-day pass and my Lake Cahuilla primitive spot.