That minght've been the craziest experience I've ever had during a set at Coachella. Keep in mind I have a completely sober Coachella experience (No joke), but this guy's set in the Gobi WAS PURE BRILLIANT CARNAGE AND CHAOS.

He starts us out where unless you're right on top of him, you can't see him. You just hear him. Why? His DJ setup was in the front row of the crowd. Not on the Gobi stage, it was in the fucking crowd lol. So he starts us out with a stretch session, and you just hear him talking, because you can't seem him since he's at crowd level and you're back too far.

After the stratch, he asks us if we're ready to dance, and then starts the music. And everyone rushes the front to get close to him. IT WAS A FUCKING RUGBY SCRUM TRYING TO GET CLOSE TO HIM.So he plays music for awhile with people dancing and shoving. And then he stops.

He clears the front part of the gobi. And has us form a circle. And we start this game where he picks one perosn to run around a cricle, and grab someone as they run, and then the next person grabs someone, and then next, until there's a million of us running in a circle.

And then after, we "run the gauntlet" lol. Where people in the front row formed a tunnel, and the crowd ran under it, and when they got to the end, they were a part of the tunnel.

After, Deacon played music again, and had the crowd moving like crazy. As far as a total experience goes, THAT SET WAS FUCKING BONKERS, BUT SO FUN!!!!! Anyone else experience "the rugby scrum" with me?