Ok, don't know where to post this, so I figured I'd just make a thread (others can share their stories if they ran into him too - I know he was on the Express train).

Anyway, I saw Paul walk to the outside of the Gobi tent right before Sean Penn. I was throwing away a bottle of Gatorade and noticed him and was like "hey omg that's paul". So I decided to go bug him....I ran up to him, asked if he was Paul and introduced myself. I told him I was on his message board, named menik/erik, and was the big Boards of Canada fan...I think he said something like "oh yeah I know you"...he then commented on my shirt saying he loved it, and then we took a couple pictures together, and then said he had to go back to the backstage area at the Gobi, but before he disappeared, I made my plea/request to him for getting BoC in 2009, and he laughed and said we'll try or something like that. It was so awesome, definitely one of the highlights of the whole weekend for me. He really seems like a cool, mellow guy....so if you ever read this Paul, again it was cool meeting you. Thanks for putting this whole thing together for us!