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Thread: The Great Camping Debate

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    Default Re: The Great Camping Debate

    Quote Originally Posted by TheClares View Post
    I have no problem with people partying until 3 or even 4 am, but at that point, the noise should be contained to your own area. A couple hours of quiet before the sun comes up seems like a reasonable compromise.
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    Get over yourself you entitled bitch whore cunt ball.

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    Default Re: The Great Camping Debate

    Music should stop thumping at 2am

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    Default Re: The Great Camping Debate

    I 'Like' to party, but often am so tired I just go to bed to rest up for the next day.
    Thursday night and Sunday night are def party nights, Friday and Saturday usually depend on how tired I am.
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    it's like, at coachella, we can be a whole group of friends. a whole group of frogs jumping into the streets, jumping into the planet, climbing up the buildings, swimming in the lakes and in the bathtubs. we would be hundreds, thousands, millions. the biggest group of friends the world has ever seen, jumping and laughing forever. it would be great, right?
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    Default Re: The Great Camping Debate

    You guys gotta check out Super Tall Paul after the Polo fields close!

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    Default Re: The Great Camping Debate

    I was on mushrooms for that last year. that guy really entertained me and fucked with my head all at the same time. Hope he comes back to do it again.

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    ICYMI: Today the two board members with the most questionable approach to music held mirrors up to each other; no one learned a thing and nothing will change.
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    Chainsmokers are undeniably better than Jack White at this point.

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