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Thread: Drug Sniffing Horses!

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    You can eat horse poop. Its just grass and grain.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ENluv12 View Post
    I have a friend at work who has never been to Coachella, this will be her first year. She just walked up to me all quite and says "Hey, I know you go to Coachella every year... I hear they have drug sniffing horses. How does that work? Do you have to walk passed them when you go in? Does that make it hard to take things in with you?"

    I have never laughed so hard in my life.
    actually its quite common in down town los angeles for the drug sniffing horses. they corner the crackheads and the lapd does the rest. It may not be the whole crowd who gets busted, but there are always a few people who don't make it past the initial gate.

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