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Thread: whos keepin it going?

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    Default whos keepin it going?

    so i just got back home, dont have to work till tomorrrow, and really dont want this weekend to end, so am drinking fadorades by myself on my patio. my chick is going to come home from work (she left sun am) to find me shitfaced in few hours. god i love coachella. first time ive ever met up with board members. it was good to see ya all. im off to make another cocktail, late.
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    Lucky you. I was so messed up and hung over this morning...

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    I have a colin meloy ticket at the fonda tonight but I just won two tickets to im from barcelona at el rey from GV sooo I guess Im going there since I missed barcelona at coachella.

    guess Im keeping it going!
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    tonight is the end all clusterfuck of great shows in los angeles.

    hot chip, i'm from barcelona, colin meloy!!!

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