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Thread: Prince rocks Coachella

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    Default Prince rocks Coachella

    Pictures and a review of Saturday night.

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    Default Re: Prince rocks Coachella

    (Also on hand – Bob Forrest of Thelonious Monster and, more recently, a counselor on “Celebrity Rehab With Dr. Drew”; Jemaine Clement of Flight of the Conchords; David J; Chris Vrenna; and — I have a picture to prove it — Huell Howser.)
    YES!!! Huell Howser FTW!!!

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    Default Re: Prince rocks Coachella

    Prince only played like seven or eight of his songs...lame. That is all.
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    Default Re: Prince rocks Coachella

    That was a horrible article. Portishead blew the minds of Coachella...please someone remember that they were headlining before they announced his born again surprise. He did it great in the beginning but lost the crowd with his over zealous guitar playing that doubled the lenghth of EVERY song, as well and the random "goodbye crowd" cover of angel because he needed wardrobe time to CHANGE his outfit...this doesnt ever happen at Coachella because every artist eats up their time to be the closing artist on the biggest night at Coachella. I will say he did a great job at the end..AMAZING job. But he, in no means, rocked Coachella. I've been to Coachella every year and have never seen the crowd ACTUALLY get up and leave before the show was over. Last year at Bjork, NO ONE MOVED. Please don't get me wrong, he chose a great set list and did a GREAT performance once you take away the longevity of everything he sang. But I am still honestly upset that he took away from Portishead, who made their first American appearance in 10 years to go along with the first album they've made in 11 years. WAY BETTER SHOW and should've been the closer. Just imagining them playing for 2 hours give me chills. A Vegas act HAD to come and take the headliner. This is what I hate.

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    Default Re: Prince rocks Coachella

    ya prince was awsome .. portishead was good but not great
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    Default Re: Prince rocks Coachella

    'Last year at Bjork, NO ONE MOVED.'

    Are you kidding me? I ended up twice as close because of all the teens that decided they didn't want to be as close because she wasn't playing hit after hit. It was like seeing a PG-13 movie on opening night...people talking over the music and walking away in droves.

    Don't get me wrong, I loved her set. But, if you're saying there wasn't a mini-Exodus about 15 minutes into her set...then you must have been WAY too close to the stage to notice.

    Judging just from the crappy little clips on YouTube, I'd say Prince seemed to do a damn fine job. As bad quality as they are so far, even those little clips made me jealous that I wasn't there!

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    Default Re: Prince rocks Coachella

    Prince killed man! Dude knows how to put on a show. What a way to end sat nite! Kraftwerk, portishead, then Prince! What a show!
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    Default Re: Prince rocks Coachella

    Prince absolutely floored me. Best headliner ever.

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