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Thread: Thank You Goldenvoice!

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    Default Thank You Goldenvoice!

    Because of your new ticket release structure, I was able to score tickets for Friday- the day I wanted to go most- for about half of face value!

    I suppose I should also thank the Rage and Chili Pepper fans as well. By "selling out" Saturday and Sunday tickets, you have driven the unticketed masses to buy 3 day passes just to sell off their Friday tickets at bargain prices, and I thank you!

    This is a miniature golden age for Jesus and Mary Chain fans in the greater Los Angeles area...

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    where did you buy your tickets, i only need Friday and Sunday tickets

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    On ebay... you can get Friday tickets for as low as $50 when I checked an hour or so ago.... and people on this board have had links to Friday tickets for even cheaper...

    Sunday is going to be the tough one...

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