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Thread: Single day tickets purchased day of?

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    Default Single day tickets purchased day of?

    "Single day tickets can be purchased at the box office for $100 each, cash, Visa / Mastercard, only on the days of the event and only if tickets are still available (from 3-day pass allotment)."

    Just curious if this means that you can buy single day tickets say for Saturday when the box office opens on Friday, or would I have to purchase Saturday tickets on Saturday when the box office opens?

    If anyone knows it would be really helpful information and it would save having to be there Friday AM. Thanks much.

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    Default Re: Single day tickets purchased day of?

    Dude just buy some tickets today off someone on the board or on craigslist.. People are UNLOADING them for real cheap.
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    Default Re: Single day tickets purchased day of?

    yeah, but that's not really an answer to his question. dude.

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    Default Re: Single day tickets purchased day of?

    pf will be able to clarify but i doubt she'll be checking the boards today.

    i know you can buy single tickets for all three days on friday.

    i don't know if they will sell all they have for each day on friday but some will be sold.

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    Default Re: Single day tickets purchased day of?

    i just bought my Sat ticket off Ticketmaster an hour ago.... caused me $114 total to print my ticket.

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    Default Re: Single day tickets purchased day of?

    Single days are back on sale. Woo.

    Just got mine for Saturday.

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