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Thread: If you can't sell your tickets

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    Default If you can't sell your tickets

    And you're loaded or don't really need the money or got them free or some shit, hook this dude up. He got ripped spending $100 on fake VIP wristbands.


    His username is now cinemalove

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    Default Re: If you can't sell your tickets

    your a nice guy or gal
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    Default Re: If you can't sell your tickets

    Yup good looking out sir or mam!

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    Default Re: If you can't sell your tickets

    or give them to someone who has a brain big enough to know not to buy a 100 dollar wal mart braclet.
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    Smile Re: If you can't sell your tickets

    UPDATE: He is now posting that his wristbands do work, (How he figured it out I don't know) but only for one day...not 3. So $100 for one day. Seems about right.
    However....It sure was nice of you to start this thread. I hope lady karma finds you this weekend.

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