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    Let me start by saying that I did search and couldn't find any relevant information.

    Situation: 3-4 people arriving thursday night. the rest not till friday. how anal are they about the amount of space you get? how much space is one spot? any suggestions?


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    you didnt search very hard did you?

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    Can we/How can we camp next to each other if we are not arriving together?
    This is a tough one but YES YOU CAN. We try VERY hard to accommodate campers. Help us help you. Whoever is first in your group to arrive, you must tell the camp counselors how many people are planning to camp with you. You will be assigned an area and you are responsible for contacting the rest of your group to tell them your camp spot. When your friends arrive they must tell the counselors where you told them you were camping to be directed to that spot. IF for some reason your spot was moved or you can't reach them, you may try and leave a message for them at the onsite camping Cyber Cafe, telling them where your spot is. This should work most of the time and we apologize for any glitches that may occur.

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    Useful. Thanks.

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    That boner last year who dressed like it was winter was not at all accommodating. 6 of us were camping together (3 tents total), but only 4 of us showed up (2 tents). So, we told the guy that 2 more people were coming within the hour, and we needed a spot for 3 tents total. He told us we could not set up our two tents and save space for the 3rd tent until the other two people arrived. So, the four of us stood around with all of our gear for nearly an hour before the other two showed up.
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