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    I have an extra ticket and may be riding with people who already have theirs. Everything is still up in the air so I don't really want to let it out of my hands just yet either. With all the stories of undercovers busting potsmokers and stuff, are they also enforcing any ordinances against selling tickets? Or can I just bullhorn it? Or should I just keep my eyes out for a familiar scalper as a safe risk and let it go for the wholesale rate?


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    Be prepared to sell it for pretty cheap.
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    i sold my ticket last year for below face if you want to get rid of it quick. about $30 less. some of my friends got beaten out by other scalpers haggling so ...

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    Yeah I know the game on last minute tickets, more worried about violating some obscure city ordinance to add to the city coffers than selling under face. Everything about this show is up in the air but I got a rock solid reliable ride there ONLY on Friday so I guess I will be taking extra tickets/wristbands with me.

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