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Thread: Need a ride home? Going to LA or SD?

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    Default Need a ride home? Going to LA or SD?

    You need a ride home FROM the coachella?
    Going to Los Angeles or San Diego?
    Well i want to go to the beach but I need gas money.
    You fill my tank, I'll take you home and then i'll cruise to the beach.
    You get what you need, I get what i want. Sounds good doesn't it?
    Available saturday and/or sunday, room for 3 people, must be child friendly because my 3 year old will be riding with us. No weirdos please

    If this doesnt work out then im willing to pick you up from your hotel and drop you off at the show and vice versa for gas money. (amount depends on where you're coming from)

    You need a ride, ive got a car and I need gas money.. lets make this work.

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    Default Re: Need a ride home? Going to LA or SD?

    I need a ride home on sunday to Simi Valley 93065. I'm not a weirdo, I have a son who is turning 3 this moth so im totally cool with kids. email at :
    if thats cool

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    Default Re: Need a ride home? Going to LA or SD?

    which beach are you headed to? i live in santa monica. what time do you plan on leaving?

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