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Thread: excel schedule

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    Default excel schedule

    I like the schedule formatted this way much better than the official schedule so I thought I would share....

    the colors don't mean anything, just makes it easier to read.


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    Default Re: excel schedule

    Thanks it is great.

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    Default Re: excel schedule

    praise the lord! finally somebody made one like this!

    like i said, is everybody around here chinese or something? why must every schedule go up-down instead of left-right like the rest of the western world's literature?

    i was actually in the process of making a similar one, but its taking forever. i might use this one, or keep going on mine just for the hell of it. either way, thanks dude!
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    Default Re: excel schedule

    '07 '08 and beyond...

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    Default Re: excel schedule

    Whoo hoo! I always use one like this year after year.

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    Default Re: excel schedule

    Thank you. This has helped me a lot.
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