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I was already hoping to do Coachella Weekend 1 followed by a drive up the coast to San Fran this year (I've never been north of LA/Indio on the west coast). The San Fran Sigur Ros gig makes this even more desirable. Obviously that's a large venue, but otherwise how is it, and how well do you all think it will work for this show? Just curious how much of a priority I should be making this. Thanks!
Yea, im not the biggest fan of the venue but I think they'll roll in the sound and put up a great AV show. I can say that about every venue on this list that I've visited. Just those soulless kind of "we'll do wrestling, mma and monster truck rallies then give you hippies your Sigur Ros" kinda stuff. But it is Sigur Ros. Unless the venue totally fails on sound I doubt anything will distract you from the show. 8^)

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I will probably try to do Denver and Phoenix. Hmmm.

yeayyyy! I'll be in denver!