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Yeah, they played with Amiina, and Amiina opened. That show was (with the possible exception of Radiohead night 2 in 2008) the best sounding show I've ever seen at the Bowl. It was definitely the loudest. I was about halfway back, and it's the only show I've seen there where I didn't have people around me talking. The band just FILLED the whole ravine with their sound, and the limited light show perfectly fit with the venue. The version of Popplagio that they closed the whole show with remains one of the most awe inspiring and truly incredible concert moments I've witnessed. When they dropped the sheet in front of the band and Jonsi's shadow filled the whole of it as he's screaming and the lights are strobing, it felt like watching a literal giant perform.

Easily top 5 concerts I've ever seen.
Damn. Sounds fantastic! I saw Radiohead @ Bowl in 2008 as well and the first night, these yuppies were talking throughout the show and they almost ruined the show for me (I was sitting in garden boxes. They had like four chairs and a table if I remember correctly). Was the venue sold out though? Once they announce their tour, I really hope they play Greek Theatre (Berkeley. Always hear good things about this venue) and Hollywood Bowl. I would definitely fly out for those two shows!

It does sound pretty fuckin fantastic...

ps Just found out DJ Shadow plays from 1050-1230am tonight. I hope he plays at least an hour @ Coachella!