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Thread: RIP Ornette Coleman

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    Default RIP Ornette Coleman

    I was lucky enough to see this wonderful musician live three times, it was a beautiful experience. My life was changed several times by him. I can remember a distinct change in my life from the first time I heard free jazz (the album), science fiction sessions, and Skies of America. I remember wanting to laugh and cry at the same time when I heard the story of some one beating the shit out him and throwing his sax off a cliff. PRIME TIME MIGHT BE MY BIGGEST MUSICAL INFLUENCE. The loss of this guy is very real for me and can't be explained in words. He had a good run and made an enormous impact on music...RIP MVP

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    Default Re: RIP Ornette Coleman

    We have all seen him 4 times, so fuck off n00b

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    Default Re: RIP Ornette Coleman

    We all knew he was gonna die weeks ago - I posted a thread about it. Didn't you RSVP to the funeral?
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    Default Re: RIP Ornette Coleman

    This might be the first time Spooks has ever posted how music has actually impacted him personally, but he also fucked up the thread title.

    I'm really only passingly familiar, I listened to some stuff as a teenager when free jazz intrigued me, but I couldn't say I really know any of his works very well, something I'll have to change (he's on my list of jazz albums to delve deeper into, for sure). Still, I recognize him as a legend and one of the few from that era who was still alive and active. RIP.
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    Default Re: RIP Ornette Coleman


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