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    Hmmmm, interesting. I posted this weeks ago...can't find it. Vanished.

    Since it's so close to zero hour, here it is again-

    "Pink Floyd's Best Record?"

    Unfortunately, Pink Floyd’s best record, hands down, was never released.

    The follow-up to Dark Side of the Moon was originally titled "Shine On" and scheduled for release in January, 1975, but never made it into your corner record store’s plywood bins. Why? Roger Waters wanted to tweak it some more, even though the band had been playing and refining it extensively in 1974.

    Big mistake.

    The rest of the band, especially Rick and Dave, were quite happy with the final product, but Roger got his way and sadly it never saw the light of day. Most people familiar with the band know the three songs well: "Raving and Drooling", "(You) Gotta Be Crazy" and "Shine On You Crazy Diamond".

    “Raving and Drooling” was reworked into an inferior version called "Sheep" while "Gotta Be Crazy" became "Dogs" which is very simliar to the slower version of "Gotta Be Crazy". It wasn't quote the drop off “Raving and Drooling” had when it became “Sheep”, but it was also an inferior, overproduced mess compared to the original version. The original fast version of "Gotta Be Crazy" was leaner and meaner, and very different, especially lyrically. In fact, here's a treat for ya'll...the original lyrics to "Gotta Be Crazy" last played the second night of Floyd's infamous 1975 set of shows at the Los Angeles Sports Arena (subsequently raided by then LAPD Chief Ed Davis):

    -You gotta be crazy
    You gotta be mean
    You gotta keep your kids and your car clean
    You gotta keep climbing
    You gotta keep fit
    You gotta keep smiling
    You gotta eat shit

    You gotta be small to be a big shot
    You gotta eat meat to stay at the top
    You gotta be trusted
    You gotta tell lies
    You gotta be able to narrow you eyes

    You gotta believe they've gotta believe you
    You gotta appear easy to see through
    You gotta be sure you look good on the TV
    You gotta resemble a human being

    You gotta keep one eye over your shoulder
    Gonna get harder as you get older
    Gotta fly south and hide in the sand
    Gotta forget that you're gonna get cancer

    And when you loose control
    You'll reap the harvest you have sown
    And as the fear grows
    The bad blood slows and turns to stone

    And it's too late to loose the weight
    You used to need to throw around
    So have a good drown
    As you go down
    Dragged down by the stone

    Gotta be sure, you gotta be quick
    Gotta divide the tame from the sick
    Gotta keep some of us docile and fit
    You gotta keep everyone burying this shit

    Gotta get you started early
    Processed by the time you're thirty
    Work like fuck 'till you're sixty five
    And then your time's your own until you die

    I gotta admit to a lot of confusion
    Pain in the head is the child of collusion
    Gotta resist the creeping malaise
    You gotta believe in the way you get out of the maze

    But you, you just keep on pretending
    You can tell a sucker from a friend
    But you still raise the knife to
    Stranger, lover, friend and foe alike

    Who was born in a house full of pain
    Who was sent out to play on his own
    Who was raised on a diet of shame
    Who was trained not to spit in the fan
    Who was told what to do by the man
    Who was broken by trained personnel
    Who was fitted with bridle and bit
    Who was given a seat in the stand
    Who was forcing his way to the rails
    Who was offered a place on the board
    Who was only a stranger at home
    Who was ground down in the end
    Who was found dead on the phone
    Who was dragged down by the stone-

    Oh, why's "Raving and Drooling"...still my favorite Floyd track...and a close second to "Gotta be Crazy":

    -Raving and drooling I fell on his neck with a scream
    He had a whole lotta terminal shock in his eyes
    That's what you get for pretending the rest are not real

    Babbling and snapping at far away flies
    He will zig zag his way back through memories of boredom and pain

    How does it feel to be empty and angry and spaced...
    ...Split up the middle between the illusion of safety in numbers
    and the fist in your face


    ...Split up the middle between the illusion of safety in numbers and being brought down to his knees-

    Roger changed the lyrics to these tracks so often Dave was forced to tape them to his guitar (by the way, I just transcribed these off the top of my head).

    “Shine On You Crazy Diamond” ended up being two-thirds of the album Wish You Were Here and “Dogs” and “Sheep” make-up 75% of Animals. So the original follow-up to Dark Side was not only one of the best records ever made, but a pretty good value, too.

    Roger Waters made a HUGE mistake not listening to the rest of the band and releasing those three songs as is...his inflated ego got the best of wasn’t the first time, and certainly not the last. He made so many mistakes due to his superiority complex...Pink Floyd should have never stopped making records with him in charge. His fault all the way, starting with some petty argument with their late manager, Steve O’Rourke.

    Bootlegs of the live version of the original follow-up Dark Side of the Moon are readily available and have been for years, but to hard-core Pink Floyd fans, the TRUE Holy Grail are the studio versions of those three tracks, which, according to Rick Wright in a Melody Maker article titled “PINK FLOYD ALL WRIGHT NOW” were basically complete in late 1974.

    I have six different live versions of those songs, the highest quality being Moving Time, recorded on the third night of the Sports Arena shows, which I attended (and was also subsequently arrested by the LAPD).

    If anyone knows anything about studio versions of those songs...please don’t keep it to yourself. I can’t imagine the value of something like that...the unreleased follow-up to the biggest selling recording of all time?

    Gotta be worth some big bucks, eh?

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