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Thread: flying into LAX, anyone split car rental?

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    Default flying into LAX, anyone split car rental?

    Me and a friend of mine are looking to rent a car with some people or carpool. We are flying into LAX on friday april 27th and leaving from LAX monday morning. We both have school/work obligations and because of such we arent arriving in LAX until 6:00 pm and we will need to be back at LAX monday morning (dont have return flight booked yet so not sure on exact time). We are both friendly natured 20 year olds so we cant rent a car in our names, but we're more than willing to split all costs etc.

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    Default Re: flying into LAX, anyone split car rental?

    hey - im flying in to la to visit some friends on wednes, then def needing to pair up with a couple other people to head over. it would be me and another. if it's that kind of party, we'll grab some trees and make it even better. what a weekend, in store.
    ps - come from nyc, will be stopping in british columbia, sfran and la prior to coachella. see ya!

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