From the Alberta area, who's all driving down, and when?

My plan, due to my holidays being April 20-May 9, is to leave Calgary Saturday morning, and do the long haul that day, 14 hours or so to SLC. From there, 2 days in Vegas (sunday, monday).. tuesday we're driving to the grand canyon, and we'll spend tuesday evening and all day wednesday there, and then drive to indio on thursday....

then after the festival we're going to LA for a few days, do touristy things that i didn't get to do last time i was there.... half considering a day trip to go to the san diego zoo.... then we're heading up the coast to spend a few days in san francisco... pretty much north of SF there isn't a heck of a lot to do, so that will pretty much end the trip, then 2 days of non-stop driving back home.

i'm assuming most albertans will be leaving tuesday and heading straight down? would be fun to get a big group of us in vegas or something.

in 05 when i went we kinda played tag with some minivan from calgary the whole way down, ran into them on the interstate nearly every day, but never actually met them in person... and in vegas we were driving down the strip at 5km/h RIGHT beside a silver NSX from silverhill acura in the NW, i actually recognized the guy driving the car, from seeing it around town... also when we were leaving on monday AM, we got hit and run by some mexicans, and then while we were talking to the cops, someone driving a civic from calgary broke their taillight backing into a sign.

ALSO, craziest thing ever: i was way up front for new order and nin, and i guess some guy from calgary stood right behind me, then about a month later i was wearing my new order shirt in quiznos on country hills and he came in and was like "i saw you at coachella!" - we actually had mutual friends..


albertans add me to msn if you want, nmaf @ telus dot net