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Thread: SF Valley to Coachella and Back.... and Riverside

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    Exclamation San Fernando Valley to Coachella and Back.... and Riverside

    Two guys. 20 and 21 year old. I have 3 open seats in my car. Comfortable. You can drink if you want to. You can smoke if you want to. ill be on the road on thursday night at like 8 or so or it depends if i can get people to go i might change that. Me and a friend are gonna sleep over my friends house that night in Riverside and take off early in the morning again so the trip wont be so far. Me and my friend will be camping out in Indio at another friends house. ill drop whoever off anywhere in indio if you need it or you can chill with me and my friend. Its up to you.

    I just want to fill out the car to at least have a chance to get LIFE TIME PASSES and some help with gas wouldnt hurt. Gas tax will be divided equally to everybody in the car. My car is pretty good on gas so it shouldnt be that much.

    *If you mapquest the San Fernando Valley to Coachella and you are some how on the way, i can probably scoop you up too.

    *A wise man once said somewhere on here "ass, grass, or gas. nobody rides for free". lmao!!!

    *If your girls even better. If you come im sure youll have fun.

    you can PM me or email me at
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