Us: two relaxed, 24 year old guys from Portland swinging down to Coachella Thursday night, camping for the weekend at the festival and trying to return by Monday for most of the work day (yeah, maybe we're crazy). We land in Ontario at about 10pm on Thursday night, and fly out at 6am on Monday morning, a flight we're plan on making by leaving after the concert on Sunday.

Our plan is to rent a car, and if you'd like to ride with us, some help in paying for the rental would be appreciated.

If you're 25 or over and could rent a car, and drive us to Costco Friday morning for supplies- we'll pay for the car and you don't have to pay a thing (since we're under 25 they're asking for at least $40-$100 on top of the daily rate + tax).

OR, if anyone in Ontario just happens to have a similar schedule that would ensure we made our flight on Monday and would be willing to drive us to Costco on Friday, we'd gladly pay for gas up to about $75.

Email me or message me. Aside from the times of our flights, I'd be open to working with you to find something that works.