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    Default message from Caco

    Ronnie wanted me to relay the following messages

    - to everyone on the board : fuck off !!

    - John, you should have got your package by now. if so, let me know that you got it.
    contents of package:
    "the bestbuy card is to buy music to bang a chic to, the wine is to get her and yourself drunk before you bang her, the asprin is for the hangover and the startbucks card is o you can take her out after you bang her"

    - I've been back at the doctors again, and almost had to get IV's put in me

    - Gabe, thanks for your shitty hospitality. you got my back like always.......... ......NOT !

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    Default Re: message from Caco

    Apsrin and alcohol don't mix well.

    Also I can't say if that is really what he sent or not because, well, nothing has arrived to say otherwise. That'd have to be a cheapass Best Buy (?) card and some cheapass wine to get in under the limit.
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    Default Re: message from Caco

    Maybe he went over the limit because of the delay?

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