Hello Canadians,

Last year was my first coachella, and this year will be my second. One of my favorite things about coachella last year was all the awesome fellow Canadians I met there.

When I was standing in the line to get into the campground, some CRAZY CANUCK in a cape came running by proclaiming to all the Canadians in line that Camp Canada was located in campsite 'C' and that all Canadians should GO THERE!!

I followed the clearly-drunk man's advice and ended up surrounded by fellow Canadians. SERIOUSLY, there were people from every province all over the place. In the mornings before the fest, friendly canucks would even walk about informing the canadian tents about last nights playoff hockey scores.

At night there were big jam sessions scattered about the site, one of which helped start the legandary RAGE enduced POLICE STANDOFF.

It was a no-brainer last year for me, and it should be a no-brainer this year for you...